10 most delicious dishes in Adjara that you definitely MUST try

10 most delicious dishes in Adjara that you definitely MUST try.

The Georgian feast, or as the Georgians call it “Supra”, is a real show with its own rules, rituals, traditions and special cooking technologies, and has no analogues in the world.
The feast is conducted by “Tamada”, who should be able to entertain guests with poems, songs and interesting stories. The culture of making toasts at a feast exists in many countries, but the phenomenon of “Tamada” is especially widespread in Georgia.
Traditional Georgian dishes such as Satsivi, Mtsvadi, Khachapuri, Mchadi, Khinkali, Chkmeruli, Pkhali with walnuts and beans also prevail in Adjarian cuisine. Besides traditional Georgian dishes, Adjara is also famous for its local cuisine.
Based on the special lifestyle in the mountainous region, dairy products represent the main component in the diet of local residents. Winter dictates its conditions to them and it becomes necessary to preserve food for a long period.
Dairy products prevail in Adjarian cuisine. Vegetable, meat and fish dishes are widely used. Sweets also play an important role here.

Adjarian khachapuri is distinguished by both its original form and unique taste. If other types of khachapuri are served along with various dishes, then this one is always tasted separately, most often for breakfast or lunch. There are many different versions of the creation of Adjarian khachapuri. No one has ever managed to unite the sun and the sea so “tasty”: the lazes living on the Black Sea coast gave the dish the shape of a boat, and the yolk depicts a sunset, the sun sinking into the sea.

Sinori is also a rather high-calorie dish, for the preparation of which you will need specially baked dough sheets, cottage cheese and butter. All ingredients are mixed and baked on a ketsi, resulting in a wonderful Adjarian dish.

Adjara is also an attractive wine tourism destination. Many people visit this hospitable region of Georgia for wine tasting. In Adjara, the historical center of viticulture is the Keda municipality. The unique types of wine Tsolikauri (White wine) and Chkhaveri (Rosé wine) produced in Adjara are very popular both inside country and abroad. Wine houses and local cellars are functioning in Keda, that contribute to acquaintance with the tradition of Adjarian winemaking and tasting of local wine.

Coffee on the sand, or “coffee Batumi style”, gives Batumi a special flavor. When brewing coffee on sand, it is imperative to observe the appropriate sand temperature. Sand-brewed coffee is a great addition to dessert, especially when you taste it by the seashore. They say that coffee made in Batumi has a completely different taste and aroma.
Among desserts, baklava is one of the most difficult to prepare, but the most delicious sweets. It is impossible to leave Adjara without tasting baklava.

Achma is a kind of interpretation of khachapuri. The technology of its preparation is quite different from the classic khachapuri. Achma consists of thin, pre-cooked layers of dough stuffed with cheese and butter. This is a wonderful example of Georgian cuisine, at the same time a hearty and light dish that will appeal to almost everyone.

Iakhni lovers can be found in all regions of Adjara, but this dish is especially popular in Kobuleti. It is made from beef breast with a variety of spices that give the dish a special flavor. Iakhni, an integral part of the Kobuleti feast and its preparation is trusted only by very experienced chefs.

Malakhto is a typical Ajarian dish. It is made from young, fresh lobio (beans), which is boiled, chopped walnuts, spices and the most important ingredient – isrimi – unripe grape juice is added, which gives this dish a unique taste.

Borano is one of the most delicious, but high-calorie Adjarian dishes. Its main ingredients are butter and Adjarian cheese. There are various methods of preparing this dish, the most popular is with egg and corn flour, whatever the borano, all of its types are united by a unique taste.

Kaimagi is the most characteristic part of Adjarian cuisine, which is very popular in the region. Made from milk, it has a rather rich taste. It is usually served with mchadi and cheese. If you have tried it at least once, you will not be able to refuse from now on.

Many types of cheese are widespread in Adjara, the most famous is the Adjarian braided cheese, which is produced in the high mountain regions. The unique cheese making technology, distinctive shape and characteristic taste are especially attractive to gourmets.

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