Mtirala House is a mountain tourism project established in 2015. The peculiarities of this project are not typical hotel service or renting a beautiful wooden cottage with panoramic views for photos on Instagram, but acquaintance of Guests with Georgian culture on the example of a specific family, acquaintance with Georgian rural life; recreation in the mountains with comfort. The guest and his comfort are of the highest priority for us.
Mtirala House is located in village Khala, near the Mtirala National Park. An asphalt road leads directly to the village.
Mtirala House is located 8 km from the coastal village of Chakvi (10 minutes drive), 10 km from the international highway Batumi-Tbilisi, 22 km from Batumi (35 minutes drive) and 27 km from Batumi International Airport.
There are several houses on the territory: an “old” house with an area of 400 m2 built in 1976 with 7 rooms, of which 4 are wooden rooms with own fireplace built in 1915. The Tsilosani family (Mamia, Madona, Miranda) lives in this house. The Tsilosani family comes from Upper Svaneti (near Mestia) and lives in different regions of Georgia, and on the territory of Khala village – for about 300 years. Therefore, our family positions itself as “Adjarian Svans”.
Also on the territory there is a modern 3-storey house of 150 sq.m. built in 1989 (renovated in 2020) with an open roof terrace. This terrace is 52 sq.m., where you will be able to lie down and sunbathe, cook a barbecue and enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, the village and the surrounding beauty with a glass of wine; also take part in the Georgian Supra in the evenings. On the 2nd floor there is an apartment for 2-4 people with a separate bedroom and a balcony. On the ground floor of the house there is a studio apartment for 2-6 people with a mountain view. On the -1 floor there is an economy studio for 2 people. All floors of this house are decorated with local wood, which makes the stay in this rooms environmentally friendly and especially pleasant.
There is also a modern cottage of 60 sq.m. built in 2021, which consists of 2 floors in a mountain style (1st floor – stone, 2nd floor – wooden), with a balcony and views of the surrounding beauty. This house has all the conditions for a comfortable stay for 2-5 people.
Mtirala House accepts Guests from 12 Jan. 2015. During our operation, we have received Guests from more than 40 countries of the world, namely: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Cyprus, Slovakia, Great Britain, Belgium, Kazakhstan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Australia, Brazil, USA, other countries.

People choose us for the following main reasons:
– to get acquainted with the everyday life of a Georgian family and Georgian rural life;
– for active recreation (walking, swimming in the river, cycling, fishing);
– for outdoor recreation for two or a group;
– for a picnic and solitude, harmony with nature;
– to celebrate birthday, different dates, events;
– to work online in nature and for other purposes;
– for a long stay in nature near Batumi.

Mtirala House is located on a hill in a quiet place, outside the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by tangerine gardens. The advantage of our house is that it is located 3 km from the Mtirala National Park, 22 km from Batumi. There is a good asphalt road (the house is located 700m up from the main road).
The clean mountain river Chakvistskali flows 700m from the house (it is from there that the central water supply is supplied to Batumi); it is pleasant to swim in this river, and go fishing. Near the house there is a developed infrastructure in relation to the countryside (there are shops, restaurants, a bus stop). There is a special birdwatching point (Raptor watchpoint) 5 km away.
There is a large equipped courtyard on the territory, where you can play different games (mini-football, volleyball, badminton, etc.). There is a summer gazebo, where it is cool and pleasant to sit in the summer; there is a separate barbecue area for evening and night gatherings. You can also park about 20 cars. On the territory there is a car rental service from the company, there is also a bicycle and quadrocycle rental service.
There is a small farm on the territory of different animals (cows, calves, chickens, rabbits), so the Guests have the opportunity to taste delicious homemade milk, cheese and other products. Guests are offered delicious homemade food from products from own garden (chef Mamia started his culinary activities from the army, prepares a variety of dishes very tasty).
Near the house there is a large tangerine, lemon, orange gardens; many different fruits (different types of apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, strawberries, peaches, kiwi, feijoa, persimmons, blueberries, others). The territory has its own apiary and delicious mountain honey; chacha and wine of our own production.

There are many flowers and beautiful plants, trees on the territory (colorful roses, hydrangeas, magnolias, camellias, palms, different types of Christmas trees, others). With 5-minute walk from the house you can taste delicious spring water and admire the bamboo grove.
After a day in nature, you will be able to see a beautiful mountain sunset and the lights of houses on the mountains; eat deliciously, drink homemade Georgian wine or chacha and sleep sweetly.
Welcome to Georgian hospitality!

Деревянный коттедж национальный парк Мтирала
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