Batumi Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden (Georgian: ბათუმის ბოტანიკური ბაღი) is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe, located on an area of 113 hectares, 9 km from Mtirala house.
Batumi Botanical Garden is distinguished by specific and varied physical and geographical conditions.
Since 1881, important introduction work in Batumi was carried out by one of the first summer residents Mechislav D’Alfons, he had his own garden near Chakva. On the Black Sea coast of Transcaucasia, one of the initiators of the introduction of plants is the geographer and botanist, traveler Pavel Tatarinov. In 1892, on an area of 10 hectares, he created the so-called acclimatization garden, which today is known as the “upper park” of the garden.
The founding of the Batumi Botanical Garden is associated with the name of the professor of Kharkov University Andrey Krasnov. On November 3, 1912, the beginning of the organization of the Batumi Botanical Garden was laid. Jason Gordesiani contributed greatly to the unification of the garden.
The rich flora of the garden according to the origin of plants is collected in 9 phytogeographic departments. The collection of the garden consists of 1800 taxonomic units of woody plants, of which 90 are of Caucasian origin, 1540 taxa are representatives of various foreign flora. The Batumi Botanical Garden implements various programs for the introduction and conservation in the direction of the protection of local flora, ornamental gardening and floriculture, plant protection, fruit-breeding, eco-education and tourism. The garden staff is involved in various theoretical and experimental projects of a fundamental nature.
Batumi Botanical Garden is an important center for the spread of agricultural and biological knowledge. It has connections with botanical gardens, universities and other research institutions in more than 140 countries, with which memoranda of cooperation have been drawn up. Over the recent period, the garden has held many international visits and business meetings.
Since 1998, Batumi Botanical Garden has become a member of the International Union for Plant Conservation of the World Botanical Garden (BGCI), which is of great importance in terms of cooperation with the World Botanical Garden, the exchange of scientific information and a single strategic direction of the Batumi Botanical Garden.
The botanical garden stands out for its rich herbarium fund and scientific library. The garden publishes various scientific, practical, methodological and educational literature and the newspaper “Botanical garden”.
We highly recommend you to visit Batumi Botanical Garden!

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