Chakvi (in Georgian – ჩაქვი) is an town (daba) in the Kobuleti municipality of Adjara, Georgia. Located 8 km from Mtirala House.
The history of Georgian tea growing began in Chakvi. Its eastern suburb is called Chaisubani (“Tea region”). Back in the days of the Russian Empire, a tea specialist Lau John Jau was called here from China, who developed first tea varieties here. In Soviet times, there were three tea factories in Chakvi, a tea-pressing factory, and enterprises for the production of fruit and berry wines and citrus infusions.
Today Chakvi is a popular tourist destination, in particular for a quiet holiday. A huge plus of Chakvi is its desertion: there are almost no crowds on the beach here.
The maritime subtropical climate, warm, clear sea with a beautiful pebble and sandy beach, turning into a picturesque coastal pine and eucalyptus grove, many parks and gardens make Chakvi an excellent place for relaxation and treatment.
In the northern part there has been a high concrete embankment for a long time, from which you can clearly see the sea, Green and Tsikhisdziri castle with the castle of the “Castello Mare” hotel.