Mtirala National Park

Date of foundation: 2006
Park area: 15698.8 hectares
Route type: car, walking
Length of route from Batumi: 25 km
Distance from the village of Chakvi: 15 km
Road type: asphalt
The height of the extreme point of the route above sea level: 1760 m
Cellular coverage: partial

Mtirala National Park (Georgian მტირალას ეროვნული პარკი) is a national park in the south-west of Georgia, in the Adjara region. The park is located in the western part of the Lesser Caucasus.
The name of the national park, likewise Mount Mtirala, located on its territory, is translated from Georgian as crying. This is due to the large amount of precipitation falling in the region: up to 4520 mm per year, which makes it one of the wettest regions.


The vegetation of the park belongs to the virgin Colchis wet deciduous and mixed forests, including sowing chestnut and oriental beech. Pontic rhododendron, cherry laurel, Colchis boxwood and various lianas grow as undergrowth.


The park is home to the brown bear, roe deer and wild boar, while the avifauna includes the dwarf eagle, eagle owl and the oriole. Amphibians that inhabit the park include the Caucasian salamander, the Caucasian toad, and the Caucasian viper.


The park has two hiking trails of different difficulty levels.

Route 1 – “Tsablnari”
One day, walking
Total length 7 km
Altitude 260 – 445 m above sea level
Difficulty level – easy
The circular route starts from the visitors center and goes upstream of the Chakvistskali river. On the road there will be a mechanical mini-cable car, with the help of which you can get to the other side of the river and continue the path to the waterfall.
On the way, rhododendron grows in large numbers, the flowering of which is a very beautiful sight. After 1.5 km, you will come to a zip-line, specially installed here for thrill-seekers. Here you can ride on ropes between the trees. A few meters from the zip-line, the road forks. If you want to see only the beautiful river backwater, which is called here “the lake”, then you need to turn left, if you are heading to the waterfall, then you should turn right. After passing 1.5 km, you will come to the Tsablnari waterfall (more than 15 m high). Back from the waterfall, after walking 1 km, if you wish, you will get to the river backwater. There is a picnic area with the necessary infrastructure, it is allowed to light a fire, and you can swim in the water.

Route 2 – “Tsivtskaro”
Two-day, walking, equestrian
Total length 16 km
There is a shelter for 8 people
Altitude 260 – 1250 m. Above sea level
Level: Intermediate
Unlike the Tsablnari route, the Tsivtskaro route is longer and more difficult. This is a 2 day hike. It starts from the visitors center and ends at an elevation of 1250 meters above sea level. At the beginning of the path you will pass the mixed deciduous Colchis forests. In addition to the rich vegetation along the road, you can meet brown bear, roe deer, marten, chamois, etc. There are springs along the route. At 9 km there is a special shelter for visitors with 8 seats. There are also places for making a fire and a picnic. The last section of the path is 70% beech forest. It is recommended to take a guide or ranger on the route.