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Guests have the opportunity to taste delicious homemade milk, cheese and other products. Guests are offered delicious homemade food from products from our own garden (chef Mamia started his culinary activities from the Soviet army in Ukraine, prepares a variety of delicious dishes; Madona also cooks deliciously, especially Adjarian khachapuri and achma-khachapuri).
Guests are offered various traditional homemade Georgian dishes, alcoholic drinks, mountain honey.

Our prices are affordable:

  • Breakfast: 5-15 GEL / person.
  • Lunch: 10-25 GEL / person.
  • Dinner: 10-25 GEL / person.
  • Chacha and wine of our own production.
    Selling price of 1 litre of chacha: 10-20 GEL; 1 litre of wine: 10-15 GEL.
  • The territory has its own apiary and delicious mountain honey (acacia, paulownia, chestnut, tangerine, mixed honey).
    The price for 1 litre of honey is 30 GEL.
  • We can also serve groups, prices and menus are subject of discussiob. For this reason we have a summer gazebo in the yard for 20 people and an open panoramic veranda on the roof of the house for 50 people; there is a separate barbecue area for evening and night gatherings.
  • At the request of the Guests, we conduct master classes in the preparation of homemade cheese, butter; cooking khachapuri, achma-khachapuri or Adjarian khachapuri; preparation of other dishes of Georgian cuisine.


  • In the yard (yard area is about 700 sq.m.), guests can exercise, play ball, mini-football, volleyball, badminton and other games.
  • Our large green courtyard and surrounding area are suitable for comfortable camping.
  • Guests can spend morning and evening walks in the surroundings: walk to a mountain river (700m), where you can swim and fishing; to the central water station of Batumi (1500m), walk along the river and feel the life of the original Georgian village.
  • Separately it should be noted that 250 meters up from the house Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, the river and the Black Sea (river between mountains flows into the sea in the Chakvi area).
    This path runs along the lemon orchard, the spring water station, the bamboo grove and further up 200 meters. On the way, Guests will also meet a chestnut orchard, an fruits orchard, a garden of bay leaves and on the top of the mountain – a paulownia garden (very beautiful during flowering). There is wooden table and chairs for a picnic or romantic evening.
    From this point you can have a look on flying planes (up here is airway and more than 30 planes crossing this area every day).
    We highly recommend to visit this place!


Rent a Car

We have a car rental / car hire service from a reliable company www.easycar.ge . Reliable cars of different price categories for driving in the mountains and around the city.

Horse riding

On the territory of Mtirala National Park you can ride a horse, a donkey.

Bicycle rent

There is a bicycle rental service: hourly (10 GEL / hour) or daily rent (70 GEL / day).

Apartments near the sea

Additionally, Guests are offered in Batumi studios and apartments near the sea for daily or long-term rent.

ATV rental

There is also a Quadrocycle rental service: hourly (50 GEL / hour) or daily rent (200 GEL / day).


We provide excursions (Batumi Botanical Garden, Shuamta, Sakhalvasho, Merisi Waterfall, Mirveti, Makhuntseti, Queen Tamar Bridge, Gonio Fortress, Petra, as well as Martvili Canyon, Okatse, Prometheus Cave, Mestia, other directions).

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