The best shashlyk in Batumi

Delicious and yummy shashlyk, kebab in Batumi

The Georgian feast, or “Supra” as Georgians call it, is a real performance. With its rules, rituals, traditions and special cooking technologies, it has no analogues in the world. The feast is led by the “Tamada”, who must be able to entertain the guests with poems, songs and interesting stories. The culture of making toasts at a feast exists in many countries, but the phenomenon of “Tamada” is especially widespread in Georgia. Traditional Georgian dishes are Satsivi, Mtsvadi, Khachapuri, Mchadi, Khinkali, Chkmeruli, Pkhali with walnuts and beans.
But special attention in Caucasus is for meat.
Mtsvadi or Shashlyk is the national dish of Georgia and the entire Caucasus.
There is a place in Batumi where you can try shashlyk of excellent taste.

The name of this place is the shashlyk house “MAGARI” on 6 Pirosmani st.
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Shashlyk house “MAGARI” looks modern and cozy, you can sit with friends or family. The trick of the place is that they prepare the most delicious and yummy shashlyk and kebab in Batumi from fresh meat and products, and the prices are not very expensive compared to other restaurants in Batumi.

In addition to shashlyk (pork, beef, chicken, lamb) and kebab, there are other delicious Caucasian dishes: grilled khachapuri; mushrooms on the grill, vegetables on the grill; kubdari; potatoes or mashed potatoes; various delicious salads; adjika, tkemali, satsebeli; delicious lavash.
Drinks include bottled and fresh beer; incomparable Georgian wines; homemade fruit chacha; Borjomi water and other non-alcoholic drinks.
You can call by phone or messengers at +995595199990 at the shashlyk house “MAGARI” on 6 Pirosmani and order the meat to be cooked in advance, usually 30 minutes before. When your order is ready, you can eat it in that place or take the food with you; delivery to your address is also available.
This is exactly the place that would be recommended for those who want delicious shashlyk and kebab in Batumi!